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what is Upright CBD? It’s all about Us – Upright CBD. Our very own story!

Hi, this is Shariful Alam Pavel, A life coach, Social Entrepreneur & spokesperson about Upright CBD. A CBD lover believes that it will change the world in a way we never experience yet!

Shariful Alam Pavel in CBD

Shariful Alam Pavel in CBD!

I truly believe in a world where there is no way to serve without great content!

How about CBD?

The story begins in 1998 just before Larry & Sergey started Google, somewhere in South Asia, In a religious ritual first time, I saw Cannabis vaping by “ Sadhu” kinds of people taking the spiritual path. Did not understand why people become higher taking Marijuana with Redeye. Huh.

I was curious. Listen to stories & manage books to know that since ancient times in South Asia those who are on a spiritual journey might take Cannabis! But general people consider this very cheap Addiction with “Ganja” the local name of marijuana.

Eastern people somehow do not like these! I wonder how A plant has such a power to make people High but not trigger for Desire!

What is in that mystic plant? I wish someday I will invent something very special with these Hemp plants. Tell the stories of Marijuana and let people know why the very special people choose to take this!

22 years later, today’s world is modernized with Mobile, the internet, social media & surely GOOGLE.

Now Marijuana becomes more legit, modernized with CBD. A special compound derives from the Cannabis plant but not make people high as it contains less than .3 % of THC!

Science advances so that Marijuana! Now CBD is taking the world.

I also become smart! My shattered dream of becoming a scientist replaced by Creativity, Love writing, Telling the stories of brands that create value in Life!

This is how I am connected with CBD & want to tell you the stories of CBD/ marijuana/ Cannabis/ Hemp / Ganja with the modern knowledge of the western & wisdom of the eastern world.

I do honest reviews regarding products, brands, giving updates on my loving mystic plant, CBD. The opportunities of CBD with True loving authentic content developed by my Botanist brother, CBD specialist scientist, and pharmacist Team member.

The EAT-based one of the best CBD blogs on earth written by my beloved team even Larry & Sergey also loving this!

I know they are watching & in the same Business.

Let’s explore the CBD world with Upright CBD, My Friends.