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Before the start of the industrial revolution, people used farming as a tool for survival. Families back then depended on food cultivated within their own plots of land. With the invention of new machines each day, things began to change. Agriculture was among the first to enjoy the fruit of the industrial revolution. This meant we could not only produce more food but also distribute it all around the globe. One such machine that changed the idea of trimming crops was the bucking machine. This article dives deep into the idea of bucking and which bucking machine would best suit you.

Being in the business for 5 years, I believe my narration help you find best fit bucker for you. That save your Time and hard-earned money.


What is bucking, and how does the bucking machine help with cultivation?


If you want to boost your production on harvest, you can consider buying a bucking machine.  A bucking machine is a commendable venture toward modern farming.

Bucking is a crucial part of the hemp cultivation process. This is a term used to characterize the process of dry trimming to enhance the yield of crops. The bucking machine is like scissors that cut buds and flowers from the stems. Thus ensuring the crown of the flower doesn’t fall to pieces of modest buds.



Bucking Machine

Bucking Machine


7 best bucking machines that we have sorted out for you:


Mobius MBX

Mobius MBX


  • Mobius MBX


The MBX Bucker by Mobius is a machine worth every penny spent. The machine works well with cannabis and hemp. Intended to reduce strain on the operator and work non-stop. Despite being a heavy machine, it stays delicate on your buds and applies full force to each individual stem.

The machine can strip 150 lbs of flower each hour and likewise works well with both wet and dry kicking.


Munch Machine Mother Bucker

Munch Machine Mother Bucker


  • Munch Machine Mother Bucker


They were the first organization to acquaint heavy bucking machines for cannabis. These machines are basic yet viable and can collect as much as 150 pounds each hour from cannabis wet or dry. Embed a stem into the die hole of the right size and the machine gets it through. Ensuring efficient elimination of the flower from the stripped stems. An extensive variety of speed control allows flexibility.

You can slow the machine for a harm-free bucking of dry plants or speed it to eject the harvested stems.


Triminator BuckMaster

Triminator BuckMaster


  • Triminator BuckMaster


The Triminator BuckMaster makes stripping plants quick, and productive. It can deal with about 150 pounds of crops each hour wet or dry. The machine can strip stems up to 3/4 inch diameter with no issues. Change the speed of the engine to your choice up to limitless Speed.


CenturionPro High Performance

CenturionPro High Performance


  • CenturionPro High Performance


This bucking machine uses two rollers that maneuver the stem into it, popping the flower off. It acknowledges wet or dry stems up to 3/4 inches and can buck in more than 500 pounds of flower non-stop. It provides limitless power, and adjustability and is not difficult to operate. Made of hardened steel and aluminum the machine is strong as well as simple to keep up with.


Twister B4 Bucking Machine

Twister B4 Bucking Machine


  • Twister B4 Bucking Machine


This is indeed a monster machine that replaces the work that teams of 10-15 used to do by hand. It can handle up to 150 lbs/hr without any interference. The B4 ‘Bucker’ can convey relentless execution under the most heated conditions.


VZ-TEC Easy Bucker

VZ-TEC Easy Bucker


  • VZ-TEC Easy Bucker


The Easy Bucker is the fastest bucking machine available. This monster can handle about 1000 lbs/hour of modern hemp. Fitted with two single-torque motors with a variety of speeds. You can adjust it up to 62 inches and slant it to 90 degrees. Which makes it simple to adjust to various sizes of tasks.


Ox Box Bucking Machine

Ox Box Bucking Machine


  • Ox Box Bucking Machine


The Ox Box Bucker is a modern-day bud bucking machine. It is fit for bucking 90 lbs per hour of wet crops and 30 lbs per hour of dry crops. It contains a mix of aluminum and tempered steel. This gives them improved toughness and high obstruction against decay.


Differences between wet and dry Bucking?


There are two types of bucking:

  • Dry Bucking
  • Wet Bucking



Dry Bucking

During dry bucking, you get rid of the buds and little branches once they are dry. This type of bucking is usually implemented on cannabis cultivated behind closed doors.


Wet Bucking

Wet bucking involves eliminating the buds of the plant that are not yet dry. This part is mostly applied to cannabis that is grown in the open air.


Benefits and Downsides of Wet and Dry Bucking


Wet Bucking

Here are a few of the benefits of wet bucking


  • The process of bucking is much easier

The point is when the buds are moist. The fan and sugar leaves will generally stand out. Which makes the whole thing much simpler to separate by hand or using a scissor.


  • Takes less time to dry

Because of dry Bucking, the buds don’t have leaves that can hold water. Which means they generally dry out quicker. This also results in limited chances of the growth of infectious mold. Thus if you are someone residing in a place with high fog, you can go for wet bucking.


  • Requires less space

Since the buds don’t have superfluous leaves, you don’t have to bother about space to dry and fix them. Hence, wet bucking helps you to fix more buds within a limited amount of space.

Like the plethora of benefits revolving around wet bucking, it doesn’t go without flaw. Here are a few of the limitations of wet bucking.


  • The bud loses its shield

Wet bucking eliminates the fan and sugar leaves. These leaves in some way safeguard the buds.


  • The buds may dry too early

The fan and sugar leaves hold water. So in the event that you live in a place that happens to be dry. Your buds may dry faster than expected influencing the fall in quality.


  • Wet bucking can be untidy practice

When you harvest the bud, there comes a point when the trichome produced happens to be sticky.  Thus, wet bucking the buds can be an untidy process as the cut parts are stuck together.






Which bucking machine would be the best for my cultivation?


Choosing the best bucker for your cultivation depends upon the size of your harvest. It also relies on the amount of money you are ready to spend and the type of product you want to extract from your yield.

For buying a bucker, You need to see the Machine quality, Brand, customer reviews, service warrenty etc. No reason not to see the Value for money!



Conclusion: Bucking Machine


It doesn’t matter if you are an ordinary or large-scale cultivator. We all go through the tedious process of bucking. To enhance yield and get the best out of your crop it doesn’t hurt to take the help of a machine. Bucking machine not only saves time but also makes the process more efficient. So to comprehend the genuine capability of this monster it’s best to give its wizardry a shot.