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Suppose you are looking forward to achieving something more from your rigorous cultivation. Whether it is a sweet charming fragrance or flavorful taste. Regardless of the type of plant you grow, terpinator is sure to intrigue you with its magic if used the right way. This article talks deep into terpinator and the ways it can be used to elevate the quality of crops produced.

A marvelous mixture that helped me procure immense benefit from my own cultivation.


What is Terpinator?


Terpinator is a type of fertilizer or soluble liquid rich in potassium used in plants. This fertilizer helps to boost the amount of terpene and other organic compounds. It provides the resources required by the plant to generate a more developed terpene. There are countless nutrients that constitute terpene, which assist plants in their capacity to deliver unique mixtures of compounds that benefit cultivars.


What is the benefit of having plants with increased terpene?


Terpenes are natural compounds in plants that give their flowers a unique fragrance and pleasant taste. Most plants yield terpenes on their own. These mixtures of natural ingredients give plants their distinctive trademark. That involves adding a variety of colors to the unique sense of smell.

Here are ways terpenes benefit plants:

  • Provide Safe heaven from Predators and certain diseases
  • Draw valuable insects
  • Lure in Pollinators to encourage Pollination
  • Offer a canopy from the Sun




Terpinator in Hemp farming


There are countless mixture of compound that constitute hemp plant. One such compound happens to be terpene. Terpene are well known for stimulating the olfactory system. This organ regulates the way you taste and smell, which has an ultimate effect on the way you feel.
There are 200 terpenes have identified yet in Hemp. Terpinator improve the hemp plant terpenes as well as the health of the plant & flower. It is an integral part of hemp farming. It is an important fertilizer that not only use in Hemp farming but also other crop farming. Here we state Terpinator in perspective of Cannabis farming though it works almost same to other crops as well.

How does Terpinator work?



Once you apply Terpinator it makes its way into the plant’s cell through the epidermis. The epidermis is a distinct layer of cells that coat leaves, flowers, roots, and stems. It provides a barrier between the plants and the outer environment.



With the help of bioosmotic potentiator, Terpinators remain stored in plants cell. A potentiator is a substance, that can be a compound, a medicine, or a Herb. That can elevate the impacts of another medicine. It remains there, utilized when needed.



Terpinators can upgrade plants’ capacity to deliver Gland sites.  Glands sites exist in different plant organs and releases various substance. The purpose of this gland depends on the location and the type of substance it holds and discharges. It does this by providing a structure block for optional metabolites.

It begins its work by the enzyme reaction. As the production of trichrome and terpene increments, more Gland sites show up. So an expansion in space results in an increase in production. Thus, more plant oil implies more fragrant and intense plants.

When is the best time to use terpinator and how much of it can usually be used?


It is ideal to use about  5mL/Gallon of terpinator during the Vegetative stage. This creates a reserve of accessible mixtures for use when the flowers blossom—assuming that you use Terpinator during the blossoming stage. It is best to begin adding  10-30mL/Gallon of  Terpinator when the first flower bloom. You can also add it when changes in the cycle of light prevail.


benefit of Potassium found in Terpinator

benefit of Potassium found in Terpinator


What is the benefit of Potassium found in Terpinator?


Though potassium is available in soil but in an insoluble form. It is thus provided to plants in soluble form from an external source. The following are ways potassium helps in the development of plants.


Enzyme Reaction

Potassium is crucial for enzyme reaction, which happens in the furthest layers of the plant’s body. Potassium enacts chemicals by provoking changes in the enzyme protein. These alterations in protein increment the pace at which catalysts react.


Opening and Shutting of Stomata

Potassium also helps in osmosis and ionic balance and in the opening and shutting of stomata. Stomata are pores that permit plants to pull Carbon dioxide in and let water and oxygen out. The efficiency of this function depends on the amount of potassium present in the system.


Protein Synthesis

It plays a major role in the synthesis of protein. Protein synthesis is fundamental for the creation of soluble nitrogen. Lack of protein can hamper plants’ growth.


Can terpinator be used during the Flushing process?


Flushing is the use of pure water during the time paving the way towards the yield of the crop. This is to sift nutrients from the plant through the root. This helps the crop to make use of the excess nutrients. Those accumulated during the development cycle. This enhances the nature of the crop, which incorporates its taste, smell, and smoothness.

Terpinator is neither acidic nor basic, it has a neutral PH of 6. This means you can use it all through the vegetative state until the flushing of nutrients. This goes with expecting any chemical waste or hampers on the quality of crop produced.


Does terpinator work with hydroponic cultivation?


The word ” hydroponics ” signifies developing plants in water. There are 16 nutrients that plants need for their growth. Three of which are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen which are available through air and water. You can dilute the rest in water that courses around the plant’s root.

Along with the existing nutrients, you can also dissolve Terpinators. They can do their magic even in a soilless medium.


Why can’t Terpinator be sprayed all over the crop?


The plant can only absorb the solution through the root soaked in water. You cannot sparkle the substance all over the plant. Hoping to make its way toward vital organs through the leaves.


Take away from all of it


After years of hard work by a team of skilled cultivators led to the creation of Terpinator. To understand the true essence of its capability you can try it on your crop being sure not to disappoint you.

Given that you make proper use of it. As suggested by those who are experts in harvesting crops with better taste and aroma. Making proficient use of this unique fertilizer.