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CBD strain for treating Insomnia


Lack of proper rest can hamper your performance towards the challenges of daily life. This not only affects one’s self-motivation but also causes depression. According to doctors, about 7-9 hours of sleep is necessary for a body to function.

If proper rest happens to be something that you struggle with. It is most likely you are suffering from a sleep disorder. There are various causes behind lack of sleep such as stress and anxiety.  Insomnia may be one of the most common reasons behind lack of sleep causing mental health issues. A type of chemical popular for its ability to halt various issues related to lack of sleep is CBD.


This article dives into CBD  and the best form of CBD strain that can solve your sleep plight.


What is CBD?


The most common type of Cannabis is Marijuana. It is also known as Ganga or pot among kids due to its negative effect on mental health. But yet unknown to most of us there is another form of Cannabis used for medication for centuries.

CBD or Cannabidiol is quite a vital chemical obtained from a type of plant known as Hemp. This plant belongs to the same family of Cannabis sativa plants.


CBD strain for treating Insomnia

CBD strain for treating Insomnia


Difference between CBD and THC


The type of chemical compound found in Marijuana that causes mental health issues is THC. This content comprises about 0.3% of marijuana while hemp falls below that margin. So despite belonging to the same family, it doesn’t cause any harmful health effects.

As a result because of the THC chemical present in Marijuana. It is illegal in most countries due to countless painful physiological effects. While CBD happens to benefit those looking for a cure for insomnia and pain relief.


The history behind the distinction between CBD and THC


People have been using cannabis as medicine and intoxication for more than decades. But an experiment by Roger Adams could actually determine the differences. Albeit further research by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam would prove the benefit behind CBD.


Different forms of Cannabis Plant

Different forms of Cannabis Plant


Different forms of Cannabis Plant


There are 3 types of Cannabis plants that we know of:

  • Indica (southern and southeastern Asia)
  • Sativa (eastern Europe)
  • Ruderalis. (Siberia)



This sort of strain keeps you at the edge of your seat. The plant has a wider leaf and is stouter, shorter in comparison to Sativa. Also in contrast to Sativa, the CBD content is higher, though the amount of THC remains the same.




They happen to be quite taller in comparison to Indica but have more slender leaves. This sort of strain gives you the instant energy to finish a task. But they tend to have higher THC with lower amounts of CBD.




It is quite easy to bloom flowers with Ruderalis without relying on the light cycle, unlike other strains. Compared to Sativa and Indica the amount of CBD in this strain is much higher than THC. By and large, these expanded levels of CBD in Ruderalis produce quieting and loosening outcomes.




It alludes to any strain that has both Indica and Sativa hereditary qualities in it. Albeit a cross breed could have an ideal 50:50 blend, most strains will incline towards Indica or Sativa. Due to this balanced sensation, it is quite well known among a new generation of pot smokers



Type of Hybrid Strain

Type of Hybrid Strain


Type of Hybrid Strain


It comprises of 3 types –

  • Indica-dominant
  • Sativa-dominant
  • 50-50 Indica-Sativa

Contingent upon the degree of Indica and Sativa. The looks of the hybrid plant will be like the more prevailing strain. The same goes for the impact of the strain on your body. A hybrid strain can eradicate tension and torment while also helping spark creativity. In the end, everything boils down to the extent of each type in the mix.


How does CBD help with lack of sleep and insomnia?


Most people struggling with sleep suffer from depression and anxiety disorder. Although THC also helps counter sleeplessness but halts dreams during the sleep process. While CBD sleep helps anandamide bond with the endocannabinoid system. The compound that causes tiredness and weariness thus results in efficient sleep.


CBD strain


Like cannabis strain, CBD strain contains CBD in high quantity with little or no THC. This helps make use of the overdose of benefit while with little or no side effects. It not only works for sleeplessness but also for seizures, migraines, pain, and nausea.


CBD strain for lack of sleep

CBD strain for lack of sleep


CBD strain for curing insomnia/lack of sleep studies


  • Scientists noted that CBD increases the chemical adenosine in the system. This substance reduces attention while helping the brain with rest.
  • A study found that Patients who took CBD strains had better rest with decreased anxiety. It also affirms CBD strains as an organic remedy for sleep with no side effects.
  • It is a notion that the main driving factor behind lack of sleep is anxiety. One notable publication further investigated impacts on rest and anxiety. The research found CBD affects the focal sensory system. This in turn helps solve neuropsychiatric issues.


Is it OK to use a CBD strain that contains a certain amount of THC?


CBD works well along with other compounds. Though THC is quite notorious for its mental health effect. But CBD and THC mixed can result in a unique healing effect. THC can assist with a sleeping disorder by helping the body relax due to drowsiness. While CBD can help battle tension, headache, and anxiety. As a result, THC works on the brain while CBD can help deal with your body.


Precaution using CBD strain for insomnia/lack of sleep


  • Learn about CBD strain before getting into it

It is very crucial to educate yourself as much as possible before getting into a new substance. Though most of us are familiar with cannabis often associate it with intoxication. Not all plants that belong to this family are responsible for it, some come with a plethora of benefits. It usually depends on the amount of the compound CBD and THC found in various strains. Marijuana comes with THC in high amounts while hemp is rich in CBD with THC in limited quantities.


  • Consult a doctor before using CBD strain

It is better to seek doctors’ advice before getting into CBD strain. Different organs with catalysts take care of diverse chemicals that enter the body. If you take CBD all by yourself along with existing meds. It can bond to form a different compound resulting in unexpected side effects.


  • Check for the amount of THC in your CBD strain

Ensure that the amount of THC in your strain falls within the acceptable legal limit. Due to its effect on mental health. THC is illegal in most countries but a negligible amount of 0.3% should be ok. But in contrast, if you are in a country where weed or marijuana is legal, then a substantial amount of THC should be ok. Given that you take proper professional advice.


  • Slowly start your journey with CBD strain

Before beginning your journey with CBD strain, it’s better to start slow. You can start with small doses with a steady increase in quantity each day. This would help you understand the CBD mechanism and prevent any side effects.


best strains of CBD and THC combination

best strains of CBD and THC combination


The best strains of CBD and THC combination for sleep


The amount of CBD in strains can help you assess the side effects while quantifying the benefit.

The equilibrium between both the content may result in mild chances of getting high. You can enjoy the benefit of CBD with minimal impact of THC.The proportion of CBD is higher than that of THC. Someone resistant to the amount of THC it possesses while adhering to the benefit can go for it.This is an excellent proportion of CBD to THC. If you are new to the culture of CBD as a strain and unsure how THC may work for you. The high amount of CBD in this strain can best work for you


It might seem like a decent form of proportion to go for. But it needs further research to understand the potential and side effects.


best CBD strains for sleep

best CBD strains for sleep


The best CBD strains for sleep


As now that you have figured out the benefits of strains rich in CBD. We have listed a few of the best CBD strains for you:


Bubba Kush

is an Indica strain containing 12.9% CBD. If you happen to be someone struggling with sleep, this is the right strain for you. It offers a mixed essence of coconut and chocolate. Also provides a taste of hot citrus while breathing out.




Harlequin’s hereditary qualities comprise 75% of Sativa and 25% of Indica. The strain contains about a 5:2 extent of CBD to THC. The CBD content in this strain contains 15% while THC doesn’t outperform 6%. The psychoactive impacts of Harlequin are unobtrusive and unnoticeable. You can use it as a pain killer, antidepressant, and to stimulate hunger.




Harle-Tsu consists of 60% to 40% Indica Sativa. It is a combination of Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. Harle-Tsu for the most part has CBD levels that are 20 times higher than THC. It makes minimal no psychoactive impact. Antagonistic impacts because of Harle-Tsu are quite low. It works well as a pain and stress reliever, anxiolytic, and stimulant.



CBD Critical Cure

It is one of the most popular CBD strains there is in the market. It comprises around 2:1 of CBD to THC proportion. The vast majority of the CBD Critical Cure strain includes around 11% of CBD and  5% of THC




This strain comes from 50% Indica and 50%Sativa plants. It has a striking high CBD content which features a 2:1 proportion of CBD to THC. Cannatonic consists of up to 17 percent CBD and around 6% THC. This well-adjusted combination creates a relaxed sensation. As a result, most doctors recommend Cannatonic as medical Marijuana.  Clients can encounter a smooth sensation of being loose while elevating their temperament.



Lifter Indoor

It is one of the well-known CBD strains extracted from the plant Sativa. It comprises about 17% of CBD while 0.3% of THC. Making it legitimate in most countries around the globe.  Because of the way it works on the brain receptors, you can use a lifter strain instead of a painkiller. This organic strain with limited side effects. You can use it in response to inflammation and chronic pain.



ACDC strain

It is a fair 50/50 Sativa and Indica half-breed. The strain has a surprising 20:1 CBD versus THC proportion. ACDC hemp has a calm and over-invigorating effect. Its predominant flavors are hearty, piney, and citrus. ACDC can ease agony and stress, alongside slight peppery and piney notes of the fragrance.





Terpenes are oil released by the same part of the plant that blooms THC and CBD. Until now there have been about 200 terpenes within the human radar. Each with its extraordinary taste, smell, and medicinal quality. A large number of tastes and scents, including citrus, berry, mint, and pine.

There are 13 major terpenes that can stimulate the mind and push the resistant framework. While others can be steadying or sedating.

  • Bisabolol
  • Borneol
  • Beta-caryophyllene
  • Farnesene
  • Geraniol
  • Humulene
  • Limonene
  • Linalool
  • Myrcene
  • Ocimene
  • Pinene
  • Terpineol
  • Valencene


Take away from all of it


There are innumerable CBD-concentrated strains with extremely low measures of THC. This brings down the adverse consequence on psychological well-being while at the same time adhering to the endless benefit. Thus assisting you with your rest by helping you in your battle with sleep deprivation. In any case, with regards to picking the right kind of strain that best suits your rest predicament. It is ideal to have your primary care physician give clinical advice.