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Best indoor marijuana setup


If you are wondering about growing weed indoors, it’s much easier than you think using grow tent. In fact, cannabis growing is very convenient indoor in a grow tent setup because you can control everything during the full process, including air circulation, temperature, lights, etc. This will lead you to get a huge yield & perfect buds. So you need to choose your best indoor marijuana setup and make a perfect match to your expectations.

Best of all, due to marijuana’s resiliency, if you cannot provide a perfect environment or make some mistakes, you’ll still get growing buds. But, the more you do right, the more yield you’ll get!

Now while you are sure about growing weed in grow tent, do you know where to begin? If not, no worries! Here you’ll get a complete guide of the best indoor marijuana setup. So let’s jump into the full process!


Grow tent: Indoor setup

Indoor marijuana grows tent allows you to create the best indoor environment, which will help to grow healthy, solid, and balanced cannabis. These grow tents are too light to move anywhere effortlessly. You can set up these tents in –

  • Closet.
  • Garage.
  • Garden shed.
  • Cellar.
  • The attic.


Whether you choose a grow room or grow tent, the process is very interesting. Because during the entire grow time, you’ll have full control over the grow space. The temperature, the lighting, the ventilation, the air circulation, and the humidity everything will be in your control. You can decide which element and how many elements exactly your cannabis plants need. Suffice it to say; no external environmental factor may disturb the full process.


Let’s know what qualities an ideal grow room requires-



Marijuana has a strong stench that can get out of your grow tent and disturb your social life and living situation. That’s why your to grow tent has to be air-tight. Try to use a carbon filter, and this problem will be solved very easily,



An ideal grow room must be lightproof because when you control the lighting system, no external light can enter when it’s dark. Both darkness and lights are equally important for cannabis growing. Why so?

Because, during the vegetative phase of plant growth, cannabis needs 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. On the other hand, Hemp Plant needs an equal of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness at the flowering stage. At this period, if any light exposes, plants will again resume the vegetative phase. So it is very important to have a grow tent fully lightproof.


Fresh air:

The cannabis plant needs plenty of Carbon dioxide because it inhales CO2 and turns it into oxygen and sugar. A normal room in external weather contains 350 PPM of CO2. But for a hermetic place, it is not sufficient. On the other hand, a lack of Carbon dioxide can slow down cannabis growth. So an ideal grow room should have some way for incoming fresh air.


Air extraction:

An air extractor for growing rooms is one of the best ideas for the best indoor marijuana setup. Why? Because every grow room requires to grow lights or LED lights that control the lighting system. But those create more than minimal heat, which needs to be removed, and luckily you have options to use air extractors. For better results, use an extractor with a filter to remove odor and better controlling the temperature.


Air distribution:

As you need fresh air for grow room, you need to make sure the air distribution must be equally provided in the whole room. Try to keep an in-line fan going because the external air can get equally distributed, and the heat from LED grow lights can be controlled.



Growing Marijuana indoor becomes very easy when you can control every element it needs. Especially the temperature! It’s quite natural to be warm enough in grow room. So, it would be best if you used an extractor while the lights are on.



Whether you use a hydroponic system (soilless) or non-hydroponic system (with soil) as a growing medium, you must pour water into them. In order to increase the humidity of grow tent, you also spray water on the floor. As a result, the floor should be waterproof.


Indoor marijuana grows room setup budget ideas:

Indoor marijuana setup starts from a very cheap price. But as you know, the more you play, the more you get. So, we have short-listed three different price line setups, and this will help you choose the best setup according to your budget.


Basic Choice: Indoor grow room

Basic Choice: Indoor grow room. Best indoor marijuana setup


Basic choice: Under 200 USD

This bundle is very cheap and enough for those who want to start with a small budget. This will be suitable for a 24″ x24″ grow tent. This full setup will cost around 150$-180$.

Note: Price may fluctuate according to market price. This is just an approximate budget.




24 ″×24 ″×48 ″ Indoor Grow Room

Referred brand: TopoLight


50$ – 70$
Growstar 150w LED Full Spectrum UFO light

Referred brand: Growstar

42$ – 44$


24Hour Mechanical Timer

Referred brand: Century

10$ – 15$
6″ Clip On fan

Referred brand: Lorell

13$ – 15$
4 ″ 100CFM Inline Fan (OPTIONAL)

Referred brand: iPower

18$ – 20$


Hydrometer & Thermometer (OPTIONAL)

Referred brand: AcuRite

12$ – 15$



We’ve created this “Basic Choice” bundle for those who want to start from something budget-friendly. This one is so cheap and affordable that you can step forward after using it and watching the result.


Now let’s go through the “Building Guide“-


Building Guide:

This “Basic choice” bundle is too easy to assemble. At first, choose a suitable place to assemble. Then, you can assemble it in your room or the closet. This one is so effortless that you can assemble it just in 30 minutes. But isn’t it too short? Yes, but it’s true!

We recommend this for 1 to 2 plant count because this setup is too small to face difficulties more than two marijuana plants. When it comes to hardware recommendations, you need heavy-duty zip ties & duct tape. You need 2 to 3 power outlets in total. & ya, that’s it!


Standard Choice : Indoor grow room setup

Standard Choice: Indoor grow room setup. Best indoor marijuana setup


Standard Choice:  Under 500 USD

This bundle is not cheap, but this is not too expensive also. This advanced all-inclusive bundle is designed to provide a complete package for a single tent grower. You can set this up in a small room, big closet, or garage. Additionally, any weed growing pattern can adjust in this setup.

This is a 32″ x64″ grow space that creates value with all the essential ingredients 2 to 4 hemp plants. This set-up will cost 480$ – 500$.




32”x32”x64” Indoor Grow Room.

Referred brand: Casolly

62$ – 65$
4″ Indoor Grow Exhaust Kit with Carbon Filter, Fan, Ducting

Referred brand: Growsun

100$ – 120$
Hydrometer and Thermometer

Referred brand: AcuRite

12$ – 14$
6″ Clip-On Fan

Referred brand:  Lorell

17$ – 20$
6” 240CFM Duct Booster Inline Fan

Referred brand: VivoSun

18$ – 21$
Heavy Duty Programmable Digital Timer, Double Outlet

Referred brand: Century

13$ – 15$
315W CMH ((ceramic metal halide) Grow Light Kit, 120v fixture w/ 3100k Bulb

Referred brand:  TopoGrow

170$ – 180$
Variable Speed Vent Fan Controller

Referred brand:  Growneer

10$ – 12$
15 amp Grounded Adapter with 5-Outlet

Referred brand: GFCI

29$ – 30$



The “Standard Choice” Bundle is different from the “Beginners Choice” one in many aspects. The ventilation system’s features, air filter, exhausting hot air, everything is way better than the other setup. This has upgraded the timer because of the digital outlet model which can control both the light and carbon filter exhaust system. And then, you’ll have full control of the climate by the speed vent fan controller which is liable.


 Building Guide:


As we’ve mentioned earlier, this setup is suitable for 2-4 weed plants. Try to set up the grow tent in a room or garage. This Standard setup will take 1 hour to assemble. You will need four power outlets. In addition, we recommend five outlet grounded adaptors. Requirements of hardware, you’ll need duct tape and heavy-duty zip ties & that’s all. Too simple! Right?


Pro Choice: Best indoor set up

Pro-Choice: Best indoor setup. Best indoor marijuana setup


The Pro Setup: Under 1000 USD

“The Pro Setup” is for Professional growers. This setup is best for those who expect repeated outturn over the year and do it professionally. In short, this is the whole setup that an indoor cannabis grower needs. The grow tent size will be 60″ X48″ X 80″, which can carry a maximum of 12 plants. All the essential elements you need in a house, like lighting for proper day & night mode, automation for auto-generating, and filtration for filtered air all are present in this grow chamber.

When the width of the growing area is 80″, you can create any count of plant setup. Most importantly, this setup is the best indoor marijuana setup from the other ones, especially for perpetual cultivation over the year.

If you use the 630 w 3100k CMH fixture according to plant growing, it is suitable for vegetative and flowering stages. This entire system is made for germinating weed seeds, collecting clones, and many more options to do several projects. This amazing setup will cost you 950$ – 1000$.




2-in-1 60”X48”X80” Double Room Indoor Grow Tent

Referred brand: TopoGrow

185$ – 190$
 4 Bulb Grow Light Fixture x2

Referred brand: T5

75$ – 80$
6” 400 CFM Indoor Grow Exhaust Kit including Carbon Filter+ Fan+ Time+ Ducting

Referred brand: GrowSun

120$ – 130$
Hydrometer and Thermometer x2

Referred brand: AcuRite

10$ – 15$
Grow Light Kit (630W CMH), 120v Fixture w/ 2 3100k Bulbs

Referred brand: TopoGrow

300$ – 320$
6” 240CFM Inline Duct Booster Fan x2

Referred brand: VivoSun

20$ – 25$
7  Heavy Duty Programmable Digital Timer, Double Outlet x2

Referred brand: Century

12$ – $15
 Clip-On Fan x4

Referred brand: Lorell 6”

$17 – 20$



This Pro Setup is an entire package for the grower who needs the best indoor marijuana setup for repeated harvest. It will meet every quality you need in your grow tent.

This setup is designed to have a double-room grow tent. Basically, the bigger chamber is attached with a two-tire chamber that is allowed for two individual propagation rooms and separated with a wireframe and double-ended fabric barrier.

Additionally, you can use the bigger chamber for both vegetative and flowering cycles when it’s already late. At the same time, the other chambers are made for perfect germination. According to requirements, for climate mitering, every chamber needs a Hydrometer.


Building Guide:

The “Pro-Choice” is suitable for a maximum of 12 plants, which is way more than the other setups. On the other hand, you can set it up in a garage or a room very conveniently. Furthermore, you can assemble this Pro setup in just 2 hours.

In addition, if you come for hardware, you need just Duct Tape & Heavy-Duty zip ties. This setup requires 10 power outlets. We recommend 2, 5-outlet grounded adaptors.


Author’s Note:

You don’t need any special efficiency to operate the full process & follow your grow tent instructions. You may need to re-adjust lights, air circulation, humidity level, temperature, or anything else. Don’t be upset or nervous. Different seeds need different climates, so don’t panic.

All the setup elements mentioned above you can buy from online marketplaces easily.


Take away: The Best indoor marijuana setup

In conclusion, indoor marijuana setups are very easy to train and designed to be handled without difficulties. An ideal grow tent will help you grow an indoor plant by controlling all the indoor elements that exist in the external environment. The best part is you can relocate the tent without any hassle or any damage. So, you can easily choose from any of these setups and start planting your cannabis in your best indoor marijuana setup & get the best yield you deserve. Happy Planting!



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