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 Green Roads CBD Reviews


The number of CBD brands has skyrocketed. Finding quality CBD products can be challenging. Read our Green Roads CBD Reviews to find out if this company cuts.

The market for CBD products is soaring. What once only had hemp extracts to offer nowadays has everything from CBD tea to CBD chews for cats and dogs. As the industry grows more and more with each passing day, so do the companies struggling to become a behemoth in the cannabidiol trade.

Customers who aren’t connoisseurs and are only looking to buy some CBD oil will be thrilled and overwhelmed by the number of CBD companies. Sometimes it can be hard to tell a genuine brand from a shady one with an excellent user-friendly website.

So, to help you out, today, we are putting Green Road CBD to the test. Who they are, what they sell, and whether it’s a Yay! or a Nah. Keep reading our Green Roads CBD reviews to find out more.


Green Roads CBD Reviews

Green Roads CBD Reviews. Green Roads Review. Green Roads CBD Product.


Green Roads’ Quest to the Podium: the Story of the American Dream


Though today Green Roads is one of the leading brands in the market, it wasn’t always this way. Eight years ago, medical professional Laura Fuentes was approached by Arby, a close friend of hers, with a request: “help me.”

Arby was undergoing a series of health issues he couldn’t soothe with traditional treatments, but Laura knew CBD might help. It was the beginning of a road full of toil, tears, and laughs.

Laura spent her off-work time trying to formulate a CBD formula to aid her friend. When she achieved it, and both saw the effects it had on Arby’s well-being, they couldn’t keep it to themselves. It became their goal to benefit as many as possible. Laura left her job as a pharmacist and joined Arby to work full-time formulating the best hemp extract and launching their CBD brand.

The conditions weren’t the same as today. Banks wouldn’t give anyone a loan to set up a CBD business, and DEA agents harassed hemp oil manufacturers constantly. Nevertheless, Arby and Laura persisted and, through hardship and tenacity, Green Roads became a pioneer in the CBD industry.

Come to the present and Green Roads CBD oil is now sold in thousands of retail stores and the entirety of the United States. Despite all this success, the company still follows the same principles it had from the beginning. They continue advocating for quality production standards, transparency, and third-party testing for every batch for every brand.


Green Roads CBD reviews: Pros & Cons

Green Roads CBD reviews: Pros & Cons. green roads CBD review. CBD products. Green Roads Products


Green Roads CBD reviews: Pros & Cons


  • High Quality Hemp
  • Broad spectrum or full spectrum CANNABINOID extract
  • Use MCT oil, GLYCERIN, Sunflower seed oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Hemp seed oil Dedicated Labsheets webpage where you can enter the batch number & search for third-party Certificate of Analysis (COA).



  • A little bit expensive
  • No vape products
  • Limited products but with great quality


Green Roads CBD Reviews

Green Roads CBD Reviews. Green Roads CBD Products. Green Roads CBD Review. (screenshot is taken from their website)


Super 8 – Green Roads CBD reviews


Although most companies are looking for ways to cut corners in their products to get the most profit, this isn’t the case with Green Roads. The company keeps innovating and providing its clients with an extensive and high-quality CBD catalog. Customers entrust Green Roads with the most precious thing they have: their health. The company knows it and will do its best not to let them down.

Green Roads sources their hemp from domestic American farms mainly found in Kentucky, Oregon, and Colorado. Even though the farms may be small, all of them keep their production standards high. Moreover, independent testing guarantees each batch’s strength, potency, and safety. Want to see the lab results? This has never been easier; take out your phone and scan the QR code each item has to see the certificates of analysis.

The brand’s portfolio is vast. As a customer, you’re sure to find exactly what you are looking for, and much more too. However, with such a long catalog, you may have some doubts. However, here’s where we come into play. We’ve tested the entire line of Green Roads CBD products for you to know exactly what to buy. So, before making your first buy, grab a cup of good ol’ Joe, and let’s go through some CBD reviews:


Green roads CBD oil

Green roads CBD oil. Green Roads CBD Reviews


  • Green Roads CBD oil

First thing’s first. Let’s start with the cornerstone of every product this brand sells. We’re talking, of course, about their CBD extract. Green Roads sell broad-spectrum CBD oil, which has all the hemp plant compounds except for THC, and full-spectrum hemp extract, which adds THC.

You should notice that full-spectrum CBD oils have no psychoactive effects and are federally legal as they have less than 0.3% THC, far from that joint you may have smoked in college!

Green Roads oils are soy- and gluten-free. They come in different potencies ranging from 300 mg of CBD per bottle for the less experienced to 1500 mg for those looking for a mighty treat. Having trouble with the earthy taste hemp oils have?

Then choose one of their tasty flavors, such as Apple Kiwi Bless or Mint Breeze. Moreover, the oils are combined with MCT Oil, Glycerin, Sunflower Lecithin, and other ingredients. All in all, consumption goes from a healthy habit to a tasty event.

Green Roads CBD oils come into:

  • Mild: 10mg of CBD per ml.
  • Moderate: 25mg of CBD per ml.
  • Mighty: 50mg of CBD per ml.

They also offer 3 flavors:

  • Original
  • Mint Breeze
  • Apple Kiwi


Green roads Topical

Green roads Topical. Green Roads CBD Reviews


  • CBD Topicals

Among the large inventory Green Roads has to offer us, we find their marvelous plant-based topicals. Release some tension from your joints and muscles with the warming Heat Relief roll-on, the Cool Relief roll-on, or the award-winning Muscle & Joint cream. The three are made with whole or broad-spectrum oil.

It doesn’t matter whether you suffer from chronic pain or have been overworked at the gym; these balms are a blessing. Do you suffer from dry skin? Try the Skin Relief Cream moisture for a fantastic transformation. You can get these balms from $8.99 and 50 mg to 750 mg of CBD per item.


CBD softgel

CBD soft gels. Green Roads CBD Reviews


  • CBD Capsules & Softgels

Dosing the correct amount of CBD with a dropper can be challenging for some. Also, many have a hard time consuming pure CBD in oil. If you find it relatable, enter Green Roads CBD soft gels and capsules made with CBD isolate. These small but powerful pills come in 30-capsule 750 mg of CBD jars, or 25 mg per serving.

Depending on your requirements, you can take one or two pills a day. They come in three formats: the generic CBD pills to get the best out of cannabidiol; the sleep capsules combined with melatonin for a good night’s rest; and the relax capsules, with GABA and 5-HTP to destress after a long workday.

There are 30 capsules or softgels with 25mg of CBD in each container and the options are :

  1. CBD SOFTGELS – 750MG= $49.99
  2. CBD SLEEP CAPSULES – 750MG= $49.99
  3. CBD RELAX CAPSULES – 750MG= $49.99


Green roads cbd Gummies

Green roads CBD Gummies. Green Roads CBD Reviews


  • CBD Gummies

Who said adults couldn’t enjoy some sweets too? These CBD-infused bear-shaped gummies will delight your inner child. Green Roads gummies have been formulated to provide all the benefits of CBD while indulging you for all your hard work. There are also two other editions developed to give you a morning boost or help you unwind and fall asleep after a stressful day. It’s tough to choose only one.

A special mention to their delightful CBD Froggies!

They offer Seven specific Green Roads gummies :

  2. SLEEPY ZS CBD GUMMIES (30CT) – 750MG= $49.99
  3. CBD RELAX BEARS – 300MG= $37.99
  4. CBD RELAX BEARS – 50MG= $6.49
  6. SLEEPY ZS CBD GUMMIES (2CT) – 50MG= $6.49


CBD Spa Collection

CBD Spa Collection. Green Roads CBD Reviews


  • CBD Spa Collection

You don’t need to break your piggy bank to live a spa-like experience. Get a good bottle of red wine, play your favorite Spotify playlist, ready your hot tub, and prepare for the bath of your life with Green Roads bath bombs. Want to enhance the night? Use their CBD essential oils to relax even more. They come with different aromas such as lavender, eucalyptus or peppermint & lemon.


Green roads CBD Chocolate

Green roads CBD Chocolate. Green Roads CBD Reviews


  • CBD Chocolate

No one can resist a good bar of chocolate. Green Roads 180 mg of CBD treat will get the party started in your mouth. Their dark chocolate will help you forget all your problems and shoo the anxiety away. Though it won’t bankrupt you, at $24.99, it may come as expensive. However, the taste of this gourmet dessert melting in your tongue is worth it.


Green roads Coffee

Green roads CBD Coffee. Green Roads CBD Reviews


  • Green roads CBD Coffee

Kick your day off with Green Roads Colombian coffee infused with one of the best CBD oils in the market. When pouring the hot water of the toasted grains, unique aromas will fill your kitchen and make your neighbors wonder where they can get it. They come in different sizes and three mouthwatering flavors: hazelnut, French vanilla, and founders’ blend.


CBD for Pet

CBD for Pet. Green Roads CBD Reviews


  • CBD for Pets

If your little furry friend is suffering from a chronic disease such as arthritis, anxiety, or has trouble getting out of bed and no treatment has worked, maybe it’s time for something new. Green Roads line for pets offers premium CBD oils for both cats and dogs. Ask your vet about them and give your buddy the long-awaited relief they need.


Green Roads CBD Reviews

Green Roads CBD Reviews. Green Roads CBD Products. Green Roads CBD Review. (screenshot is taken from their website)


Is Green Roads a Yay! or a Nah?


Doing this Green Roads CBD reviews has been as satisfying as it could’ve been. Going through this company catalog has set a high bar for what to expect when testing new brands in the future. Not only have we enjoyed smelling and tasting their products, but there’re also other points to take into account.

In addition, Green Roads shows a business should be involved in the entire experience. Those entering the CBD world will find relief in the categorization of their products from mild to mighty.

No need to study Botanics and understand those complex amounts of CBD. Moreover, their items are classified based both on the type of product and what they’re for. Getting exactly what you want has never been easier. Excellent customer service is also at hand in case any doubts or problems come up.

With everything taken into consideration, we can safely say that Green Roads is a big Yay! Arby and Laura can surely take pride in the brand and image they’ve created. Competitors should watch and learn a few tricks from this company. Your hard-earned money will be well spent here, so go and take a look at their website!


Takeaway: Green Roads CBD Reviews

A note from Green Roads CBD company

Green Roads is a different kind of company that makes a different caliber of product. Our journey began in 2013 when Laura, after a career spent as a pharmacist, made simple CBD oils and topicals to help her friends and family find relief from everyday challenges. To this day, her personal standards drive the entire company and she is committed to only creating products she would personally give her friends and family. We’re determined to live up to this commitment every day, and serve our customers with humility and grace.


Finally, we can say there are too many companies entering the CBD industry & it might be difficult for any user to choose what is going to be most suitable for them. we here tried to give a brief review that can save your time.

Lastly, before choosing any CBD brand must go through their website, online reviews, find third party lab tested reports, and consult your doctor or any specialist.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ): Green Roads CBD Reviews


Recommended use of Green Roads CBD?

Place 0.5ml -1ml under tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing.


Does Green Roads grow its own hemp?

No, Green Roads do not own any farms. But they use hemp plants that are grown in the United States


Is there THC in Green Roads’ CBD products?

The answer is yes, if the user chooses broad spectrum CBD product it will have only non-detectable levels of THC. If the product is labeled as CBD Isolate, there will be no THC. Otherhand, if the product is full spectrum CBD product, it will have less than 0.3% THC, the federally legal limit for industrial hemp plants.


Will Green Roads CBD Products Get Me High?

No. Reportedly, CBD is not intoxicating. All Green Roads products have less than the federally legal limit of 0.3% THC. So, no matter how much you take it will not make you high. Moreover, 0.3% THC means the amount is so small that it will show up on a lab report.


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