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If you think smoking cannabidiol, do yourself a favor & try some of the best CBD cigarettes available to buy.

If you are looking for a smokable replacement for tobacco cigarettes, then high-quality CBD hemp cigarettes are the best option. These are the most recent addition to a growing trend of CBD products. Cannabidiol cigarettes (also known as organic hemp cigarettes) are entirely made of hemp & high CBD levels with no tobacco, nicotine, or chemicals.

CBD rich-hemp flower is rolled into a joint with rolling paper to form these smoke cigarettes. These cigarettes contain measurable THC Levels, but they are below 0.3% THC, which is too low to cause addiction and is non-intoxicating.

Smoking CBD cigarette is not healthy to inhale, but on the other hand, some studies suggest that there is a benefit of CBD that it can help you give up smoking by lowering your nicotine cravings.

Just like tobacco cigarettes, these also come in a pack of 20 and use comparable filters. If you are unsure about which brands are the best, keep reading to discover more about the best CBD cigarettes.


Best CBD Cigarettes

Best CBD Cigarettes


Tobacco Cigarettes vs. Cannabidiol Cigarettes:

Tobacco cigarettes include an intoxicating cancerogenic component known as tobacco, which can cause various ailments, including well-known lung cancer. And there are dozens of illnesses that are linked to it.

Cannabidiol smoke cigarettes are made up of organic hemp. Hemp, on the other hand, is a different matter. CBD or hemp cigarettes are considered safe by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

It contains several substances that don’t interfere with pulmonary function, allowing you to live longer.  Hemp does not promote addiction rather enhances the user’s overall physical and mental well-being.

CBD, less than 0.3 THC, and aromas are found in high-quality cannabidiol cigarettes. When these substances work together, they create excellent outcomes. They can be used to avoid problems including anxiety, sadness, fatigue, chronic pain, high blood pressure, mental health disorders, nicotine addiction, and weight.


What are hemp cigarettes/CBD cigarettes?

Hemp cigarettes look like a twin of tobacco cigarettes but what’s inside them makes them two different entities. In smokable hemp, there is no trace of tobacco. It contains either industrial hemp or high CBD strains.

Yes, sometimes there is a little amount of THC in those cigarettes but within the legal limit of 0.3%. So, how much one intake it is not going to make them high. But it is important to keep in mind that smoking CBD cigarettes can carry the same risk as using any full-spectrum CBD product. Thus one may fail a drug test.

So, if one can keep aside the drug tests issues then CBD cigarettes might work for you as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. They can provide a similar experience to traditional smoking; moreover, they can produce a calming effect.

But smoking anything exposes carcinogens and carbon monoxide; there is no alternative to that. So. Hemp CBD cigarettes are not 100 percent safe smoke.

Some research suggests that consuming CBD may help to quit smoking tobacco by reducing one’s cravings for nicotine. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional smoking CBD cigarettes can help you.

If you want to replace your pack of smokes that have nicotine, you should try CBD cigarettes that might be your solution.


What are CBD cigarettes good for?

Hemp cigarettes aim to provide an alternative to smoking tobacco. Today “CBD cigarettes” are reportedly providing the many known benefits of CBD. Moreover, they do not possess the addictive and harmful ingredients that can be found in cigarettes.

Just like traditional cigarettes; CBD cigarettes also come in cardboard boxes. CBD cigarettes now can be legally purchased from online and in many physical stores.

Hemp cigarettes will not make you high like a joint filled with Marijuana/cannabis. Though CBD cigarettes will produce a slight weed aroma because, at the end of the day, hemp comes with very low THC.


What’s inside CBD cigarettes?

A legal hemp cigarette, chances are it will most likely be filled with industrial hemp which means there will be not more than 0.3 percent THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Industrial hemp plants look just like tobacco though it has a golden brown or slightly green hue. If you’re familiar with the marijuana plant, industrial hemp is fundamentally the “Brick Weed” of hemp plants.

The main job of CBD cigarettes is to provide an alternative to tobacco, along with the benefits of CBD. If you are looking for the chilliest smoke, you should go for the best CBD pre-rolls that reportedly contain up to five times more cannabinoids and terpenes.


The best cannabidiol cigarettes are listed below:

  • Wild Hemp cannabidiol cigarettes
  • Redwood Reserves CBD cigarettes
  • Plain Jane CBD hemp cigarettes
  • Hemptrance cannabidiol cigarettes
  • CBDoobie Pre Rolls

Wild Hemp Cannabidiol Cigarettes:

Wild hemp is one of the most popular CBD cigarette brands. These Wild CBD hemp cigarettes, also known as Hempettes are widely available online and at smoke shops, will enhance your smoking experience.

The CBD content from the green and white Wild Hemp cigarettes is made entirely of 100 percent pure organic hemp that includes less than 0.3% THC. The hemp plants are wholly farmed in the United States. Only the blossom of the grown hemp plant is used to make these CBD pre-roll Wild Hemp cigarettes, and it contains no tobacco. Each smoke cigarette contains around 10 milligrams of CBD.

A third-party laboratory verifies the purity of the items. They are made up of sweet green and white pattern paper.


best cannabidiol cigarettes

Best CBD Cigarettes


Redwood Reserves CBD Cigarettes:

The redwood reserves cigarettes are only made up of naturally cultivated CBD flowers produced in the Willamette Valley and slowly cured. These filtered smoke cigarettes look much like regular cigarettes, but it contains no tobacco, additives, or chemicals, just a full-flavored cannabidiol cigarette with maximal benefits to help you relax!

It has 0.8 grams of flower and 80 to 100mg of CBD per cigarette. You will inhale a strong puff of cannabidiol when you smoke the Redwoods. They are available in 6-stick and 20-stick sets.

The 20 rolls of Redwood Reserves are packed in a sleek and robust cellophane-wrapped box. Because of the compact pack and cotton filters, smoking CBD cigarettes is easier and more comfortable.

Plain Jane CBD Hemp Cigarettes:

Plain Jane is a brand that sells cigarettes that are simple to use and is a well-known company for producing high-quality CBD products.

Its smoke cigarettes come in convenient packs of 20 cigarettes, but you may also buy a bundle of two cigarettes to try it out. CBD per cigarette is 72 milligrams, which is a high CBD concentration for smokes. These full-flavored CBD Pre-rolls have that classic hempy fragrance.

It burns slowly because it’s made of rice paper and includes the complete spectrum of cannabis collectives. These CBD hemp cigarettes feature a hemp blunt that can be removed if the CBD content is too high for a newbie.

Hemptrance Cannabidiol Cigarettes:

You should try these, and here is why it’s one of the best CBD Cigarettes!

CBD hemp cigarettes from this company are made from high-quality hemp grown only on organic hemp farms and is 100% pure. The flowers are then properly dried and dispersed on paper to create a powerful cigarette free of toxic substances and chemicals.

They look and taste like regular cigarettes, and they’re loaded with full-spectrum cannabidiol. The THC concentration is kept at 0.3 percent. These smoke cigarettes are light or maybe inhaled for more extended periods, allowing you to experience the moment more thoroughly.

They also include a variety of other cannabinoids, including CBC, CBN, CBG, and terpenes. Cannabidiol makes up more than 12% of the total. Hemptrance comes in a durable can with 10 cigarettes. Smooth, lemon, pepper, and earthy flavors are available, all of which have a significant soothing effect.

CBDoobie Pre Rolls:

These CBD pre-rolls are primarily cannabidiol-based and contain CBD isolate. You can choose to smoke the entire joint or just take a few puffs as needed.

They are brimming with fascinating tastes and aromas. They contain less than 0.3 THC. CBDoobie is available in two dosages: 200mg and 60mg.

The 60mg comes in a tray with 32 pieces and a jar with 36 individual tubes and can be found in varieties like strawberry diesel, super lemon mist, OG Kush, and Jack Herer, while the CBDoobie 200mg comes in a strawberry lime flavor.

It takes 12 hours to complete each batch of CBDoobie pre-rolls. In the CBD infusion process, they do not spray, sprinkle, or take shortcuts.

Apart from these, we have special mentions of the best CBD cigarettes from the American Shaman & Wild Hemp brand.

CBD American Shaman Smokes

Shaman Smokes are premium hemp cigarettes that contain less than 0.3% THC. You can find them in four varieties like original, cherry, grape, and menthol. Shaman Smokes have a high reputation because they are made with premium American-grown hemp and indeed they are a great source of CBD.

American Shaman contains far less than 0.3% THC and is blended from USA-grown hemp that has passed third-party testing for insecticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents.


Each pack of Wild Hemp contains 1500 mg of CBD with 20 perfectly rolled and filtered hemp cigarettes. They are available in original, menthol, sweet, and pineapple.

Questions about Best CBD Cigarettes

Frequently Asked Questions about Best CBD Cigarettes

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Cannabidiol (CBD) the Same as Marijuana?

No, CBD refers to cannabidiol, a cannabis-derived substance that is essentially and only isolated from hemp. Marijuana and hemp are two different types of cannabis strains. Hemp is a commercial plant that may reach 20 feet and has fewer leaves than marijuana, which looks like a shrub with many more leaves. Due to the minimal THC and high-quality CBD content, it has no psychotropic qualities. On the other hand, marijuana is a cannabis strain with a high THC content (up to 20 percent). It is generally used for recreational purposes and may have long-term negative consequences on your mind and body.

Is CBD smoking addictive?

No, it is not addictive. CBD is a non-addictive chemical. It has been noticed in the cannabis plant naturally. An increasing number of people are turning to CBD flowers, Hemp pre rolls, and CBD hemp cigarettes to assist them in quitting smoking. Smokers report that CBD helps them suppress cravings naturally by providing an ideal tobacco alternative. Smoking cannabidiol cigarettes can be incredibly effective to quit smoking because they look and feel identical to regular cigarettes.

How long do these hemp cigarettes affect?

Depending on your tolerance level and body weight, the effects of smoking CBD cigarettes usually persist for 2-3 hours. With a solubility of 31%, smoking CBD has substantially better efficiency than more standard oral intake techniques. Smoking hemp cigarettes has been claimed to be more effective and longer-lasting than consuming CBD directly.

What is the maximum number of cannabidiol cigarettes you can smoke per day?

It’s entirely up to you how many hemp cigarettes you smoke per day. Because the benefits of smoking cannabidiol endure for about 2-3 hours, depending on your tolerance limit and weight, most users smoke 5 to 7 cannabidiol hemp cigarettes each day.

Is it true that smoking CBD cigarettes relieve anxiety?

Smoking CBD has been reported to alleviate anxiety in users significantly. Several studies support this claim, and however social proof is frequently the best indicator of a product’s success.

According to smokers, smoking hemp to relieve anxiety is typically more robust & long-lasting than eating CBD oils, candies, or capsules. These smoke items help CBD enter your bloodstream more quickly by your lungs, allowing you to feel the effects sooner.

How many CBD cigarettes can you smoke in a day?

How many CBD cigarettes you can choose to smoke in a day is entirely up to you. Generally, the effects of smoking CBD can last for 2 to 3 hours. Though it depends on individual tolerance, body weight, and health. But most users enjoy around 3 to 5 CBD cigarettes per day.

Are CBD cigarettes addictive?

Studies have shown that, unlike tobacco and nicotine products, CBD does not carry any risk of addiction in both humans and animals.

The Who (World Health Organization) released a report stating that “CBD is not associated with any risk of dependence potential”.

Are CBD cigarettes legal in the United States?

Yes, hemp cigarettes are legal in the United States and almost in every state. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized all hemp products federally as long as they do not possess more than 0.3% THC.

Can CBD Cigarettes make us high?

CBD cigarettes must contain less than 0.3% THC and if not it will not be considered as hemp cigarettes or CBD cigarettes. So, if the THC is less than 0.3%; people will not experience a high from smoking it.

What is the effect of smoking CBD cigarettes?

Reportedly the most common effect after smoking CBD cigarettes is a sense of relaxation and pain relief.

What is Hemp Flower?

Hemp flower or CBD flower is a term used for dried and cured hemp buds. In hemp flowers, you can find the highest concentration of CBD, other cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemicals. 

Some Important points to notice before choosing your cannabidiol hemp cigarette:

  • Always double-check that your preferred brand posts lab results on their website that means lab tested.
  • Never smoke hemp cigarettes that don’t provide complete transparency about their components.
  • Only use smoke cigarettes are 100 percent hemp flower.
  • Avoid those smoke cigarettes that have any chemical additions, nicotine, or other chemicals in them. It helps to quit smoking Tobacco.


Pros and Cons of CBD Cigarettes

CBD cigarettes are not for everyone but they might have properties that match what you need depending on your current situation. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of CBD cigarettes. Keep in mind that some of these may or may not apply to you, but they are certainly worth considering.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is still working on determining the safety and efficacy of CBD products. Though cigarettes in any form can be harmful to you but luckily hemp flower is less addictive than tobacco cigarettes. If you’re looking to break the habit of smoking cigarettes or you want to have the medicinal benefits of CBD, hemp cigarettes can be worth exploring.


  • Provide traditional cigarette experience
  • Not addictive
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Federally legal (Farm Bill 2018)
  • Contain less than 0.3% THC
  • Filtered and come with packs of 20
  • Don’t require any rolling experience
  • Natural Components


  • Produce weed smell
  • Mostly have added flavors
  • Might not satisfy nicotine cravings
  • Not widely available like tobacco cigarettes



Why choose the best CBD cigarettes?

The best CBD cigarettes are filtered in a way that they don’t contain tobacco or nicotine.

The CBD industry is booming, as are new product ideas that come to producers’ heads. We have compiled the list of best CBD cigarettes, but we have also listed the reasons why you should try these ones. Smoking such cigarettes is worth a try if you are looking for a means to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, medicinal assistance, or simply want a Cannabidiol-induced way to relax.

Edible CBD products like oils and gummies will take 30 to 45 minutes before you begin to feel it. When one smokes CBD or the dried herb, it will deliver the active cannabinoids and terpenes into the bloodstream via the lungs within minutes. So, if you trying to quit smoking or change the smoking experience (like traditional cigarettes, tobacco, or nicotine); the good news is with verified reviews CBD cigarettes is your perfect option.

But when you buy CBD cigarettes, extremely important to be aware that you’re in it for the all natural hemp (produced under industrial hemp farms), not the tobacco, nicotine, and other additives of a typical cigarette.


Conclusion: Best CBD Cigarettes

According to some anecdotal reports, smoking/inhalation offers one of the fastest-acting methods of CBD consumption. CBD edibles, tinctures, and other products take longer to provide relief since they first have to pass through the digestive system. When CBD is inhaled, blood vessels quickly absorb the cannabidiol (and other active components) for quick and efficient delivery to cells throughout the body

CBD is no magic cure-all, it’s been shown to help people satisfy their need to smoke and their need for CBD consumption. So if you’re looking for natural alternatives hemp CBD Cigarettes could be what you need.

If you are still deciding between normal cigarettes and Cannabidiol hemp cigarettes, you should definitely try cannabidiol ones.



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